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Personal & Social Development

What's it all about?

Personal and Social Development is about how children interact with others. Good social skills are one of the strongest indicators of school success. Children need practice with these skills:

  • Working independently
  • Working with a small group of children
  • Working with the whole class
  • Sharing
  • Taking turns
  • Waiting for a turn
  • Asking for help
  • Cleaning up from play time
  • Changing activities
  • Expressing how they feel

Practicing these skills with your child will help prepare them for school.

Contact us for more information and to find out when we are conducting workshops on this topic.

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    At Innovations in Education, LLC, we cater to the needs of individuals. Whether you are a family child care provider, child care center staff, teacher, administrator or parent, our goal is to help you provide the most current information about child development as well as the highest quality services to help you be the best in your field.

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